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Alex Thomas 



I am Alex Thomas, a Storyboard Artist from Leeds, England specialising but not limited to animated productions. My preferred tools for Storyboarding are Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Adobe Photoshop (of course I am also partial to Storyboarding by hand from time to time). 

I have spent the last couple of years as a freelance Storyboard Artist, working on animated content, advertising and live-action productions! My speciality is in animation storyboards but I am well versed in many different styles. 

The art of Storyboarding accumulates everything I love about production; story, cinematography and character performance. These are things I hold above all else when Storyboarding. 


My main interests and inspirations come from my childhood, with "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Tom and Jerry" being my biggest animated influences, and all Godzilla and Japanese monster movies being a large part of my creative influences. 


I hope you enjoy looking through my website as I have enjoyed making it. For all my previous work please check out the "STORYBOARDS" tab on the home page, and for general inquiries or work opportunities please click on the "Contact" tab! 


Alex Thomas   

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