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Storyboards : Burger King: "Campfire"

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

For a D&AD new blood brief this year, two of my peers and I made a set of animated shorts to fit within the brief. We decided on the theme of humour, with no holds barred, as we wanted it to be bold and memorable. We wanted this to feel authentic and hand made, so went for a puppet show aesthetic which we could animate on after effects. We put our heads together to create six great stories, which I am very proud of. I came up with the base ideas for 3 of these stories, as well as animated 3 of them, however I story-boarded all six from some incredible scripts from the Director of this project.

This was the first short I story-boarded, which was our original proof of concept, called "Campfire". The great things about these storyboards is that they all used rough assets, and therefore framing everything became simple as I did not have to draw the same things over and over.

[This was for a D&AD new blood live brief, I do not own the characters or have any affiliation with the Burger King brand]

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