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Welcome to my Storyboards page, due to the nature of the industry a lot of my work goes under NDA for long periods of time, if you'd like to see my NDA reel, please feel free to reach out in my "Contact" section, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Classics Explained - Rhapsody in Blue

Storyboards and animatic completed for the YouTube show "Classics Explained". The 2nd Episode I worked on for Classics Explained based on George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". Animatic made in Storyboard Pro, to be animated in Harmony. 

Bad Knight - Personal Project

Bad Knight was a personal project of mine between professional work. It was also a return to narrative based animation, after many projects in advertising and educational videos. The animatic was made in storyboard pro, with thumbnails on paper. 

Vodafone Boards

These were boards completed for a Vodafone promotional video, advertising the partnership with British Summer Time Festival and Elton John. It was also a promotion of the AR experience for those at the festival. These boards were made entirely in Photoshop. 

Tomy Toys Boards

These boards were created for Tomy Toys promotional video for their new card based game "GOSH". The video was shot in live-action with added 2D animated elements. These boards were made entirely in Photoshop. 

Just Passing Through - Personal Project

Just passing through was made for an animated short. The cleaned up animatic on the right has a lot of differences from the roughs, responding to feedback from various places . This was made entirely in Storyboard Pro. 

Bedtime - Animated Short

Bedtime was a 2D animated short that I was asked to board on. I didn't have the final character sheets at time of boarding so these were my best approximations. This was made entirely in Storyboard pro.  

Spider-Man - Personal Project

This was a quick afternoon project just because I wanted to practice with a 3D background. Cleaned up a little more than I usually would on an animatic. The movement was made in storyboard pro, with the background and camera movements in blender. The background was downloaded and "free for use" and was not made by myself.

Pigimation - Personal Project

"Pigimation" was a short project made for "loopdeloop". It was mainly an animation project, but most of the movement came for me during the making of the storyboard. This was a lot of fun and a quick turn around. Storyboards were made in Photoshop with the Animation being made in TV Paint. 

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